Special Announcement:

Chanukah = Chazora Week!

December 23, 2016



See what a difference chazora makes. Any chazora is great but what we're referring to is a chazora of just the shakla v'tarya inside.


10-Blatt Test

There will be a shakla v'tarya bechina on the first 10 blatt released (bl"n) by Sunday, Jan 1st. This bechina is sponsored by Elly Krieger, President - Funding Resources Mortgage Corp. Please thank him for his generosity.

Raffle Details:  (Raffle is sponsored l'ulei nishmas Yosef ben Yitzchok Zev, A"H)

  • Every amud you review is worth one entry.

  • Every amud that you review a 2nd time is worth two entries.

  • Every amud that you review a 3rd time is worth three entries.

  • Scoring 85 or higher on the 10-blatt bechina is worth 20 entries for a closed-gemara test and 15 entries for an open-gemara test.

Raffle Prizes

1st place winner $500 cash

2nd place winner $100 cash

3rd place winner $50 cash


Submitting your Chazora Tally Sheet

Please send in your tally sheet, including your contact info, no later than Tuesday, January 3.

Send it to info@dafaweek.org with the word "raffle" in the subject line.

Submitting your 10-Blatt Test

The deadline for submitting your completed 10-blatt test to be eligible for the raffle is Wednesday, January 4.  
As usual, email your completed bechina to tests@dafaweek.org, or fax it to (973) 860-1661.

(507) DAF-WEEK

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