Special Announcement:

1st Perek Chazora Program!

January 5, 2015



Although the 10 Day Chazora Program and Raffle have come to a close (winners to be announced soon iy"H), the good news is that the next chazora program begins now!  Any chazara you do from now will be counted towards the next raffle which will iy'H be at the end of the 1st perek (only a few weeks away)!  Just keep a tally of the number of blatt you've reviewed. 


Who among us cannot pace themselves to review an amud a day? There are 33 days from now till Feb 6th when we conclude the 1st perek. That's 16.5 blatt or daf beis thru yud ches. A blatt a day is almost two complete reviews. Constant and simple reviews are the only way to make this masechta ours!


How long does it take to review a blatt gemara that you learned well and have since reviewed? If it takes more than 25 minutes, you might need to make an adjustment to the way you do chazara.  Everyone has a strong yetzer hora not to do chazara. Use these incentives to help beat him at his game.



More details on prizes for the 1st perek raffle to follow...

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