Bechinos (Quizzes)


To promote chazara and help gauge your mastery of each daf, a quiz on the past week's daf is posted here each Sunday.  The digital quiz is graded immediately. Answers for the manual quiz are posted after the Monday deadline. The quizzes are optional, but financial incentives are offered for those who take them with a closed gemara to encourage taking them.

The 5-blatt bechina is posted every 5 weeks and the deadline to have it marked is 10 days after it is published.


If you wish for us to mark your quiz, please return it (in legible form and by fax, Word or PDF attachment preferred, not as JPEG images) by the due date referenced on each quiz. 


The financial incentive is $5 for the weekly quiz and $10 for the 5-blatt bechina with a score of 90 or higher.  Currently we issue certificates to Z. Berman's, Weinreb's Judaica in Teaneck and Tuvia's in Monsey.  Z. Berman's stores do not honor online certificates.  It is our goal to send financial incentives once every month or two.

PLEASE NOTE: The incentives are specifically offered to increase learning & חזרה among בעלי בתים. We also welcome students or yungerleit who participate in a דף השבוע חבורה. Call us at 507-DAFWEEK (323-9335) with any questions.



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