Daled Minim Presentations

Daf Hashovua participants were privileged to hear special presentations from various talmidei chachomim on the requirements for the daled minim while learning the 3rd perek of Maseches Sukkah.  Four of these presentations are made available below.

Rabbi Avrohom Reit Shlit"a

Rabbi Avrohom Reit, author of Lekicha Tama - the Lulav and Esrog Buying Guide, delivered a two-part slide presentation clarifying some of the practical issues related to lulavim and esrogim.

Rabbi Reit - Part 1: Lulavim - April 27, 2016

Rabbi Reit - Part 2: Esrogim - May 29, 2016


Rabbi Sholom Ghoori Shlit"a

Rabbi Sholom Ghoori, of the Shalsheles Harabbonim of Teiman and author of Kuntres Esrog Chazal, delivered a spirited presentation advocating for the authenticity of Teimani esrogim. Participants got a chance to taste one of these esrogim as well after the presentation.

Rabbi Ghoori - Teimani Esrogim - June 15, 2016

Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman Shlit"a

Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman kicked off our weekly broadcast halacha l'maaseh shiur with an explanation of the requirements for hadasim.

Rabbi Gottesman - Hadasim - April 27, 2016

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