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This forum allows participants - anywhere they are - to exchange questions, answers, and ideas about the sugyos we are learning!


Feel free to post ANY questions or ha'aros you have in the forum below, or respond to a question from another participant.

For each new post, please include the masechta and daf number in the headline, along with a few words describing the topic.


About our Sho'el U'meishiv

Daf Hashovua is excited to have Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman as the moderator for this discussion forum!  Rabbi Gutterman, a Rabbinic Coordinator for the OU, also serves as a Sho'el U'meishiv for one of the many Daf Hashovua chaburos worldwide.  His popular marei mekomos published in the weekly email newsletters and on this site provide valuable clarifications and a wealth of information for those who wish to learn the daf more in-depth.


All users are still encouraged to contribute answers to questions posted, but we are glad that we can rely on Rabbi Gutterman to help us fill in the gaps.  Look for his responses under the username "ryg".

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