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Below are some links to other websites that provide helpful resources in learning Daf Hashovua.

Master Daf-A-Week

Provides shiurim by Rabbi Shais Avraham Horowitz of Beitar Illit, as well as strategies for remembering the Daf using the Anki method.

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein's Daf Hashovua Shiur on (courtesy of Torah Anytime)

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein, one of the most popular maggidei shiur online, has been delivering a video shiur on each amud of gemara since Daf Hashovua started learning Maseches Beitzah. 

Daf Hashovua Resources on

Weekly tests, as well as Marei Mekomos from Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman and others. These resources are also delivered by email to our subscribers. 

Daf Hashovua Shiurim on

Weekly Daf Hashovua shiurim provided by Rabbi Yaakov Glasser and other maggidei shiur at the Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton.

Daf HaChaim

A unique visual learning experience. Allows you to interactively follow line-by-line with the maggid shiur, while also providing charts and illustrations. 

Shas Illuminated

A great resource of audio shiurim for learning the daf more in-depth.


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