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Here is a brief overview of the site and the program.

Keep up with a worldwide chevra of Lomdei HaDaf.

Similar to Daf Yomi, Daf Hashovua offers the structure and camaraderie of people all over the world learning the same daf.  The difference is that we take a full week to focus on that daf, offering greater opportunity for learning more in-depth and doing more chazarah.  Today, several thousand people are already learning Daf Hashovua, and you can often find at least one chabura learning it in Torah communities large and small.

Multiple ways to learn the daf, one common goal.

There is no single "right way" to learn Daf Hashovua.  Some prefer more of a "bekius" approach to help them stay more focused on developing a basic understanding of the daf and retaining it well.  Others prefer a more "iyun" approach which gives them more depth of learning for each daf.  We have many resources to facilitate both approaches (and anywhere in between).  The common goal, however, is to understand the daf as well as possible and retain it clearly.  Each person will seek to maximize his learning of the daf according to his abilities, available time, and desired style.

Resources at your fingertips.

No matter the approach you choose, lots of great resources are available via this website to help facilitate it.  See below for an overview of the resources we offer for various tracks of learning.

Iyun Track​

Learn the daf with various levels of depth, with the aid of the resources offered:

  • Choveres, containing marei mekomos and notes for the sugyos covered, published 4 blatt at a time.  Designed for the serious, seasoned learner who has more time to focus on serious iyun-level learning.

  • Weekly Planner, offering a somewhat less rigorous level of Iyun, with daily marei mekomos to learn the daf either more conceptually or more halacha l’maaseh.

  • Marei Mekomos page including:

    • R' Yitzchak Gutterman's weekly notes in English, highlighting key mekoros

    • Rabbi Asher Millman’s compiled source material

  • Rav Moshe Ahron Friedman's Iyun highlights shiur, delivered 4 times a week by email or WhatsApp,

  • Other weekly Iyun shiurim on our Shiurim page, including:

    • Rabbi Isaac Rice

    • Rabbi Shachne Weinberger

    • Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman

  • WhatsApp Discussion Group - Share questions and he'oros with others.  Please refer to our weekly email for information on how to join the group.  Click here to get on our email list.

Chazara track


Focus on more chazara to help retain the daf for years to come.  Study aids include:


  • Monthly calendar outlining a daily learning and chazara schedule

  • Seasonal chazara campaigns to help motivate chazara of the masechta at different times of the year

  • Weekly multiple-choice quiz: Available digitally via Google doc.  Takes minutes to complete and seconds to score.  Also available as a printable download.

  • 5-blatt bechina every 5 weeks helps promote constant chazara

  • Bekius shiurim:

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Weekly learning, bechinos, monthly calendars and other dedications are still available.

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