Annual Melave Malka 5776

March 12, 2016 - Ohel Miriam Hall, Passaic, New Jersey

An overflow crowd of people from Passaic-Clifton and even Monsey and Brooklyn converged in Ohel Miriam Hall on Motzaei Shabbos Parshas Pekudei, to join in the annual Melave Malka for Daf Hashovua.  Participants enjoyed a delicious dairy buffet and the beautiful kumsitz music of the band, while being mischazeik by the camaraderie of so many others who are literally "on the same page" as them.


Rabbi Fischel Schachter, Shlit"a, as the special guest speaker, delivered Divrei Chizuk in his inimitably funny yet inspiring way, which we share here.


Yasher Koach to all those who attended, and especially to those who put so much effort into making this Melave Malka the beautiful event that it was!


Watch Rabbi Fischel Schachter, Shlit"a, deliver Divrei Chizuk

The photos below capture some of the flavor of the evening.  (Photos courtesy of Avi Gross.  All rights reserved.)

Tables set in preparation for the guests

Buffet tables arranged beautifully

The crowd begins to flow in as the Melave Malka begins

Attendees enjoying some light conversation at the start
of the evening

Shimi Globman introducing Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman Shlit"a

to members of the Monsey Night Seder

Participants meeting each other while partaking from the buffet

Settling down as the evening gets underway

Judah Gross offering introductory remarks as the
Master of Ceremonies

Shimi Globman enthusiatically reflecting on the growth of the Daf Hashovua program and thanking its supporters

The band adding a kumsitz flavor to the atmosphere

An overflow crowd listening to the speakers

Rabbi Fischel Schachter, Shlit"a, as the keynote guest speaker, delivering Divrei Chizuk

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