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Join us for our Quarter of Daf shiur!

Daf Hashovua is pleased to offer a

Quarter Daf Shiur four nights a week.

The shiur will follow through and explain
the basic gemara and Rashi,
one quarter of a daf at a time.

Offered Monday-Thursday evenings

9:00 (approx.) - 9:45 PM EDT

Broadcast LIVE via Kol Halashon

Call-in Information for USA/Canada:

Dial Kol Halashon at 718-906-6400

For the LIVE shiur, press * and listen for an option to hear the Quarter Daf Shiur. 

A recording of each shiur is also available on Kol Halashon after the broadcast.  To listen to it:

  1. Press 1 for English

  2. Press 2 for Gemara

  3. Press 1 for Daf Yomi

  4. Press 11 for Daf Hashovua Shiurim

  5. Press 2 for Quarter Daf Shiur

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