Join us for our Quarter Daf Shiur!

Daf Hashovua is pleased to offer a

Quarter Daf Shiur four nights a week.

The shiur will follow through and explain
the basic gemara and Rashi,
one quarter of a daf at a time.

Offered Monday-Thursday evenings

9:00 (approx.) - 9:45 PM EDT

Broadcast live via Kol Halashon

Call-in Information for USA/Canada:

Dial Kol Halashon at 718-906-6400

For the LIVE shiur, press * and listen for an option to hear the Quarter Daf Shiur. 

A recording of each shiur is also available on Kol Halashon after the broadcast.  To listen to it:

  1. Press 1 for English

  2. Press 2 for Gemara

  3. Press 1 for Daf Yomi

  4. Press 11 for Daf Hashovua Shiurim

  5. Press 2 for Quarter Daf

Recordings of past Quarter Daf shiurim are available on the Shiurim page of this website as well.

Weekly learning, bechinos, monthly calendars and other dedications are still available.

Please contact us to find out more.

Looking for a chavrusa or want to start a program in your area?  Contact us today!

Phone: (507) DAF-WEEK

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